Preparation of voter registration lists complete

Director of the General Administration for Elections, Major General Mohamed Rafat Qumsan, has finished the preparation of the lists of registered voters, whose numbers are in excess of 40 million. Voters will choose 444 members of the People's Assembly and an additional 64 female members, with seats reserved for women for the first time.  Elections will be run in 222 districts with 32 districts for reserved exclusively for women in all governornates.

Security sources said that the districts for the People's Assembly elections have been adjusted this year in a number of governorates, following the creation of three new governorates: 6 October, Helwan and Luxor. This amended law 206/1992 with law 68/2010, which specifies four new districts for the Helwan governorate, seven for 6 October and three for Luxor. The revised law has also made adjustments to some governorates, such as Alexandria, Daqahlia, Damietta, Kafr al-Sheikh, Aswan, Red Sea and New Valley.

For his part, the assistant to the Interior Ministry for Security and Training, Major General Hassan Abdel Hameed, said that the task of security forces in the Interior Ministry is to ensure the security of every aspect of the electoral process, adding that the security and training sectors are continually striving to develop their training methods. He explained that there is constant support from Interior Minister, Major General Habib al-Adely, to develop a forward-looking vision for preparing exemplary security forces which can deal with all crises wisely.

At the conclusion of a security forces administrative directors' conference in the headquarters of the general administration of security forces training, Abeld Hameed also announced that sessions of the conference have continued with the directions of security forces administration at a national level. They discussed the role of security forces administration in securing all aspects of the electoral process, dealing with the current circumstances, and developing training protocols to prepare the officers, and review the security media and its influence on trends in public opinion.

Abdel Hameed added that the conference focused on the area of human rights, with the goal of giving officers the information, knowledge, and scientific and technical expertise that will enable them to perform their jobs properly. The conference also provided an opportunity for officers in the security forces administration to exchange information and discuss different work styles and ways to coordinate. This included ensuring the continued development of job performance appraisal inside the Interior Ministry, and training on how to deal with issues related to human rights.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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