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Postcard from Spain: Alicante by the sea

Decades ago, Ali sang to God and the little coastal town Eastern Spain got its name; Alicante means 'Ali sings.' The small Mediterranean city reminds me of Agami with its rocky beaches, uneven streets and main boulevard. Alicante is full of public beaches paired with pedestrian-friendly promenades where you can drink coffee, have a snack or eat paella.

The night life in Alicante is less than impressive, especially in winter when the friendly city sleeps by 8PM. However, the shopping is good; there are two branches of El Corte Ingl├ęs, a department store chain throughout Spain, which covers basic shopping needs. Alicante also has an amazing shopping area for brides; brands like Pronovias and Aire have branches in downtown.

Even in winter time, Alicante is a warm city; however, people say that this little piece of heaven becomes unbearably hot in May, June, July and August. Great sightseeing includes the Castle of Alicante with its balconies and terraces. The place is on top of a hill overlooking the sea and the entire city. The view is breathtaking and very picturesque.

The people of Alicante are friendly and laid back. They appear to be a peace and tranquility loving people who cannot handle the hassle of big cities and the deafening voices of congested traffic. Having acclimated themselves to peace and order, Egyptians living here can't imagine moving back to Cairo.

If you come to Alicante, you have to take a road trip on the coast and visit Benidorn for an unforgettable fish meal in any of the city’s little fish restaurants on the beach. Surrounded by the sea on your left and picturesque mountains on your right, you will enjoy a beautiful ride.

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