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Postcard from Rome: A city that feeds the soul

Rome is a city with spirit and character. Located in the heart of Italy, it is the country's largest and most populous city, as well as the third most visited city in Europe. If you're planning to visit the place, prepare yourself for hours of sightseeing and pleasant walks.

The Colosseum is an essential attraction. There, you can see the arena were gladiators fought in the time of the Roman Empire. Half of the arena is covered, while the other half is left exposed, revealing various dungeons and small underground rooms where gladiators and ferocious animals were held before being released into combat.

The Pantheon, a work of art on the inside and out, is another important site to visit. If you are a fan of old movies, then you'll recall Audrey Hepburn at the La Bocca Della Verita (The Mouth of Truth) in "Roman Holiday". The "Bocca" is a lie detector; if you put your hand in the old man's mouth and have been untruthful recently, he will bite off your hand! Anyway, don’t get too excited about seeing the statue, as the queue to reach it is infinite.

Of course, you can’t miss La Fontana di Trevi. When you arrive, try to throw a coin in for good luck. Also, while you're there, make sure to try the Roman gelato (ice cream); it is an experience of its own.

If you plan to shop, make sure to bring plenty of money. Via dei Condotti, where you can find all the Italian and international brands, should be your primary destination.

After a long day of sightseeing, I would recommend that you cross the Tiber River and head to Campo de' Fiori for a nice dinner and a drink. This "Field of Flowers" is packed with tiny bars and restaurants, and even a few gift shops. The area is not particularly touristic and you will have the opportunity to meet quite a few locals.

All of the above are indeed worthwhile visiting, and yet there is no need to set precise sightseeing goals in Rome; as you wander the city, you will constantly discover new sights and attractions.

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