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Postcard from Paris: Disneyland

I can never forget the excitement that overwhelmed me when I was ten years old, waiting for my first visit to Disneyland. Surprisingly, I felt the same chills of happiness washing over me when I went to Paris again last summer.

The moment I stepped inside the park, I put all my cares and worries behind me and delved into the fantasy world of Mickey, Minnie and of course Winnie the Pooh–my favorite bear. It was like living in a dream called the one and only “Disneyland World.”

The first photo I took was in front of Cinderella Castle–I still have the photo hanging on my bedroom’s wall. Cinderella Castle is considered the most famous icon for Disneyland Park. An optical technique known as forced perspective was used in its construction to create the illusion that it looks almost double the size it actually is.

Disneyland Paris, officially inaugurated in 1992, is Europe’s most visited tourist site. Whatever your age and number of your experiences, you will never forget this adventure. And, having been once, you will look forward to a return visit to revive old memories and create unforgettable new ones.

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