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Postcard from Dahab: Desert dogs

In the four times I've been to Egypt, I've never neglected to spend at least a few days in the Sinai town of Dahab. Nor will I ever.

Dahab is my perfect escape from bursting-at-the-seams Cairo. The overnight bus provides for the most dramatic contrast. As you fall asleep, you experience the sights and sounds of Africa’s largest city. And when you awake, you find yourself in a bohemian paradise in sync with nature.
My days in Dahab generally adhere to the following itinerary: pancakes with honey and a Red Sea view for breakfast; light reading while laid out on large pillows in an open-air cafe; marveling at the world beneath the sea’s surface while diving; Bedouin tea, shisha and conversation with new friends; a stroll along the boardwalk; grilled fish for dinner; and more tea, shisha and fraternizing before heading to bed. 
Although I followed the usual routine, my last trip to Dahab differed from previous trips in an unexpected way. 
I found that wherever I went, I was always in the presence of very friendly dogs. I was so thrilled by a pair of puppies, I made several videos of them wrestling my feet. On one particular evening, I walked away from the hotels, shops and restaurants and found myself on a lonely beach surrounded by a pack of dogs whose only desire was to play with me. With the sun setting behind the craggy mountains typical of the Sinai landscape, I couldn’t help but capture the lead dog’s smiling face for eternity.   
I will never forget the friendly dogs of Dahab. As a dog lover, I have one more reason to hurry back to that special place.

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