Pope’s secretary: Church did not detain Kamilia Shehata

Pope Shenouda’s secretary, Bishop Armia, said on Thursday that the Coptic Church had nothing to do with the disappearance of Kamilia Shehata, the Coptic woman who certain Islamic groups claimed was behing held against her will inside a church.

According to allegations by Islamists, Shehata was held inside a church after she left her husband and converted to Islam.

However, the bishop said that the entire story was baseless, and that the woman herself had denied all of the allegations.

“She said she neither left her husband nor changed her religion,” said the bishop.

Naguib Gobrael, head of the Egyptian Union for Human Rights, said Shehata will be summoned by prosecutors to give testimony about her disappearance and detention in an unknown place.

He expected the case to be mothballed, as Shehata has already appeared on satellite television and denied any such claims.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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