Pope Tawadros to develop church curricula

Pope Tawadros issued on Thurdsay the papal decree number 12 for 2015, ordering the formation of a committee to develop the church education curricula, under his chairmanship.
The committee includes H.G. Anba Daniel, bishop of Maadi, H.G. Anba Marcus, bishop of Shobra, H.G. bishop Bishoy Sidqi, H.G. bishop Gerges Habib, H.G. bishop Mina Foqeh and others.
Pope Tawadros also decided to create an engineering office according to the papal decision number 11 for the year 2015. The resolution states that the office shall be responsible for any engineering works in the area of ​​Anba Royce. 
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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