Political party calls on April 6 to renounce disagreements

The Egyptian Social Democratic Party responded to criticism from the April 6 Youth Movement, calling on liberal revolutionary groups to set aside their differences and work together.
The statement released on Tuesday came in response to the April 6 Movement describing the Egyptian Social Democratic Party as a "cartoon" party that has contributed to thwarting the 25 January revolution after party Mohamed Abul Ghar had called the movement illegal and outlawed.
Egyptian Social Democratic Party said in the statement that the party, just as April 6 Movement, has been sticking to the path of the January revolution over the past four years, taking part in bringing the Mubarak regime down, participating in June 30 protests, participating in the post-June 30 Cabinet, rejecting the law regulating protests and demanding the release of revolutionary youth.
The incident demonstrates the infighting between Egypt's liberals, who often fail to gain significant influence in the political sphere, partially due to splintering into multiple smaller groups and their candidates.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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