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Political parties demand expulsion of Israeli ambassador from Egypt

The Civil Democratic Movement in Egypt held a public conference to support the Palestinian people and their resistance, and called for the expulsion of the Israeli ambassador from Egypt.

According to a statement issued by the movement, the speakers stressed that the Palestinian people have the legal, legitimate right to resist the occupation of their land, demanding the expulsion of Israel’s ambassador from Egypt and the withdrawal of the Egyptian ambassador from Tel Aviv.

The participants, leaders of the movement’s parties, and guests also stressed that the conference celebrates the Palestinian resistance’s accomplishments on October 7, calling it an extension of the great victory of the Egyptian and Arab people on October 6, 1973.

The statement said that the attendees stressed that Egypt is a party in the Arab-Zionist conflict as genuine partners in resisting Israel.

The movement also announced a set of demands and proposals in support of the Palestinian people and the Palestinian resistance:

  • The Civil Democratic Movement will organizing a public campaign to collect food, medicine and aid to be delivered through the Rafah crossing through convoys organized by the Civil Democratic Movement in coordination with the relevant authorities.
  • The movement calls on its member parties and the Egyptian people to donate through the Red Crescent to Palestinian people.
  • The movement supports the Egyptian government’s decision to provide support to the Palestinian people and strongly condemns the occupation army’s strike on the Palestinian Rafah crossing.
  • The movement will hold a national conference with other parties, associations and institutions to support the Palestinian people and their resistance.
  • The movement demands the expulsion of the Zionist entity’s ambassador from Egypt and the withdrawal of the Egyptian ambassador from Tel Aviv.
  • The movement will also submit a request to the Ministry of Interior to organize a peaceful protest in the place determined by the concerned authorities to support the Palestinian people.

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