Political parties blast Brotherhood’s ‘Islam is the solution’ slogan

The Muslim Brotherhood's Freedom and Justice Party intention to use the slogan "Islam is the solution" in the upcoming parliamentary elections is causing a bitter dispute between the party and other political forces.

Many political forces – including Islamic parties – announced on Thursday their rejection of religious slogans, a move that embarrasses the Freedom and Justice Party.

Ahmed Abou Baraka, the legal advisor of the party, said he would use all legal means to defend the party's candidates in case the High Election Commission annulled their candidacies. He said that the commission has no right to annul the candidacy of any applicant without a ruling from the Supreme Administrative Court.

Accusing the High Election Commission of ignoring judicial rulings, Abou Baraka asserted that the slogan is "constitutional and not religious."

The Egyptian Liberal Current Party announced Thursday that it has formed a legal committee to sue any candidate using the slogan.

Reyada Party and the Egyptian Communist Party also rejected the use of "Islam is the solution" slogan on grounds that Egypt does not need religious slogans during this period. The two parties called for banning religious slogans even in places of worship.

The Salafi-led Nour Party, the Nahda Party, and Jama'a al-Islamiya said they would not use religious slogans during upcoming parliamentary elections.

Nahda Party said people do not need someone to remind them of their religion.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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