Political movements call for Tahrir Square protest on Friday

Twenty-three political parties and movements on Wednesday called for a demonstration in Tahrir Square on Friday to mourn victims killed during clashes that took place on Mohamed Mahmoud Street last week. The street is located near the Interior Ministry.

The demonstration has been dubbed the “Friday of Restitution for the Heroes of Mohamed Mahmoud."

Violent clashes erupted last week in downtown Cairo. The clashes, which took place between police forces and protesters demanding that power be handed over to civilians, resulted in the death of a least 42 people nationwide and the injury of hundreds.

Last week, the SCAF also announced its ratification of the political isolation law, and that it would hand over power to a civilian government following presidential elections slated for June.

The statement continued by saying: "The bravery and steadfastness of the Mohamed Mahmoud youth in the face of the Interior Ministry’s oppression is what forced the military to make these concessions."

During the Friday demonstration, condolences will be accepted from 1 to 4 pm, according to the statement, followed by a march during which symbolic coffins will be hoisted until 6 pm and then a memorial service will be held until 7 pm.

The political movements and parties calling for the demonstration include the Socialist People's Alliance Party, the Revolutionary Socialists, the Democratic Workers Party, the Egyptian Democratic Social Party, the Revolution Youth Coalition, the April 6 Youth Movement, the Democratic Front, and the Maspero Youth Union.

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