Political forces call for popular isolation of former NDP members

Political forces were dismayed by the Judicial Administrative Court’s ruling to grant former members of the disbanded National Democratic Party (NDP) the right to compete in the upcoming parliamentary elections.

“If the government did not isolate them politically, they must be isolated by the people,” said Hussein Abdel Razeq, member of the Tagammu Party’s presidential council.

Also, Abdel Gelil Mostafa, general coordinator of the National Association for Change, called on voters not to give their votes to the NDP remnants.

“We must respect court rulings, like it or not,” said Mohamed Aboul Ghar, president of the Egyptian Democratic Party. “But the people who toppled the regime are also able to topple remnants in the elections.”

For his part, Essam Sultan, vice president of the Wasat Party, blamed the military council for not issuing a decree that denies NDP remnants the right to practice politics.

“I expect violence during the elections because of that ruling,” said Essam al-Sherif, general coordinator of the Free Front for Peaceful Change.

“The ruling has relieved us of a big hassle,” said Yousry Abdel Kerim, head of the High Election Commission’s technical office.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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