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Polish troupe will rock Hanager Theater with a humorous show on March 29

Famed Polish theater troupe Teatr TM (Theater TM) will rock Hanager Theater’s stage with “Out at Sea,” a play written by renowned Sławomir Mrożek on Friday 29 March, the Polish Embassy said in a statement.

English and Arabic subtitles will be screened during the performance, guaranteeing the audience full enjoyment of the witty dialogues framed within a fascinating theme.

Marta Teperska, first secretary of the Polish Embassy (Cairo) and in charge of its cultural affairs, said in the statement that the embassy is very glad to present Teatr TM in Cairo. She explained that the troupe is made up by a prominent actor alongside a highly professional team with a valuable acting history. She noted that many of the writer’s plays have been translated into Arabic in addition to having been widely performed as radio plays. The writer is known for his sarcastic style that tackles various contemporary issues relatable to audiences across the globe.

The play is directed by Tomasz Mędrzak. This single-act piece of theater was written in 1961. It starred four original actors: Tomasz Mędrzak playing the role of Big, Agnieszka Sitek as Medium, Tomasz Dedek as Little and Maciej Damięcki as Postman / Butler.

“Out at Sea” is the story of three survivors drifting on a raft in the middle of the sea. After running out of food, they decide to eat one from among themselves. They then agree to vote to decide whom will be eaten. The play then thrives steeped in tremendously funny dialogue and brilliant punches, showcasing Mrożek’s philosophy in addition to his humor.

Mrozek wrote many satirical stories and dramatic works that elicit philosophical, political, moral and psychological consideration. In 1963, Mrożek left Poland to live in several countries including the United States, Germany, Italy and Mexico. In 1996 he returned to his home country, then in 2008 settled in Nice, France, where he died in 2013.

Co-founder of the Theater TM Association, director, actor and scenographer Tomasz Mędrzak has performed in more than 130 theatrical roles including as Staś Tarkowski in the first film adaptation of “In Desert and Wilderness” by Henryk Sienkiewicz, which was partially shot in Egypt.

Theater, film and television actress Agnieszka Sitek is among the founders of the Theater TM Association. She graduated from the Theater Academy in Warsaw and has acted in numerous films and plays as well. She won the Czech Lion Award for Best Supporting Actress in 1999 for her role in the Czech film “Sekal Has to Die.”

Tomasz Dedek is a theater, film and television actor who graduated from the Theater Academy in Warsaw. Dedek mainly works with the Ateneum Theater. He has long been a well-loved figure at the Comedy and Capitol theaters in Warsaw.

Macie Damięcki, a member of a well-known Polish family of actors, is a theater, film and television actor and a graduate of the Theater Academy in Warsaw. He is associated with the Dramatic Theater in Warsaw and still enriches his acting career by participating in Polish films and television series as protagonist or guest.



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