Polish mission to excavate Greco-Roman antiquities in Alexandria

The Polish mission, which has been working in Egypt since 1960 and is the oldest archaeological mission in the country, will soon start excavations and archaeological surveys for Greco-Roman antiquities in the Kom al-Dekka area of Alexandria, after restoring the Greco-Roman theater in the city center.
An official source in Alexandria told the Middle East News Agency that the mission, which uses the latest technology in archaeological surveys and restoration, began excavations in February under the supervision of the Antiquities Ministry.
The source added that the mission had discovered the Greco-Roman amphitheater, the Birds Villa and several tombs of Greco-Roman, Islamic and Byzantine eras. It had also discovered ancient shops and public baths now displayed in an open area in order to show ancient ways of everyday life.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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