Police solve murder of Assiut church pastor

Police have solved the murder of Dawood Boutros Boulos, pastor of Abu Seifein Church in Assiut Governorate, who was found dead in his house in February.

Investigations revealed that his maid and three of her accomplices allegedly stabbed him, robbed his safe and threw the knives they used into the Nile.

Three of the suspects were arrested, while police are still searching for the fourth.

In a related development, Christian and Muslim associations held a conference in the city of Kom Ombo on Sunday to promote harmony between the two communities. Three-thousand people attended the conference.

“Islam and Christianity are greater than human error,” said Khaled Ibrahim, representative of Jama'a al-Islamiya.

For his part, Salafi representative Sayyed Abdel Latif said: “Those who link terrorism with Islam want to incite sectarian strife.”

The pastor of Kom Ombo church called for an exchange of visits between churches and mosques in order to consolidate good relations between Muslims and Christians.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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