Police reopen streets around presidential palace after anti-Morsy protests

Police forces on Sunday reopened all roads leading to the presidential palace in Heliopolis after they were closed due to protests Friday.

The protests, which demanded the ouster of President Mohamed Morsy and the dissolution of the Muslim Brotherhood, had a low turnout. Several political groups had announced that they were boycotting the demonstrations for the “obscurity of their goals.”

Between 300 and 500 protesters, meanwhile, resumed their sit-in at the nearby Orouba tunnel, trying to convince passers-by to join them.

While organizers of the protests, led by former MP Mohamed Abou Hamed, said they are challenging the Brotherhood’s bid to take over all political powers and want Morsy to be removed, others argue that Morsy was elected in fair elections and that removing him should take place through a democratic process.

Edited translation from MENA

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