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Police pursue suspected serial killer in Fifth Settlement, Cairo

Authorities are hot on the trail of a potential serial killer in the Fifth Settlement, Cairo suspected to be tied to the deaths of two women found in the Ismailia and Port Said governorates.

He is believed to have committed a third crime as well.


Police in active pursuit

Security services are in hot pursuit of a serial killer after his identity was revealed.

The suspect lives in a famous residential compound in the Fifth Settlement area in Cairo, where he would lure his victims into a “sound-proof” apartment and murder them there before disposing of the bodies on desert roads.

Initial investigations revealed that the suspect had been residing outside the country for a long time and had recently returned.

He holds the citizenship of a foreign country.

The killer came to the compound in the Fifth Settlement and left his hometown in the governorate of Alexandria.

The neighbors of the killer whom investigators questioned said that he rarely spoke to anyone, and that they noticed that he was always accompanied by a young women whom they suspected of being his mistress, and then they found other women visiting him.


Two bodies found

Authorities are currently reviewing CCTV cameras in the residential compound to monitor the movements of the killer and those who visit him to reveal their identity and investigate whether they left the place or not.

Investigating authorities began examining reports of absence to determine their identities. They also asked the forensic medicine to examine the causes of death and the timing of its occurrence.

There is currently a heavy police presence in front of the compound in the Fifth Settlement.

So far, the Interior Ministry has not issued any official statements regarding the incident.

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