Police officer still missing after El-Wahat El-Baheria clashes

The whereabouts of Captain Mohamed Al- Haies, a member of troops engaged in the El-Wahat El-Baheria shootout Friday, are still unknown. According to a statement released from the Interior Ministry, the violent confrontation led to the death of 11 policemen, four conscripts and non-commissioned police officer. In the statement there was also mention of ongoing sweeps to find a missing police officer from the Giza Security Directorate, Haies.

The 27 year-old officer has sill yet to be found according to reports. Haies’s father called on Egyptian President Abdel Fattah Sisi, in a televised interview, to bring back his missing son, noting that he had been informed from the Giza security director that there are numerous sweeping operations being conducted to return the officer back to him.

Privately- run TV channel Sada El –Balad, aired audio from doctors who said they are responsible for receiving killed and injured policemen at the hospital, they said some of the recently admitted policemen asserted that Haies had been kidnapped by militants during the raid.

The Wahat confrontation considered the first incident of its kind in regard to military strategy. Police forces received intel on the location of the militants and were able to prepare an ambush.

Local and international media outlets reported the death toll of servicemen to be over 50, the next day however, the Interior Ministry released a statement with a death toll report of only 16 officers.


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