Police officer shoots tuk tuk driver in Monufiya

A traffic officer in Shebin al-Kom, Monufiya governorate shot a tuk tuk driver using his police pistol, injuring the man under his left eye.

The victim, Mohamed Abdel Razek, 40, was transferred to Shebin al-Kom Educational Hospital.

Undersecretary of the Health Ministry in Monufiya, Hanaa Sorour, said the victim was in the intensive care unit for neurology.

Brother of the victim, Wael Abdel Razek, said his brother's case is critical and that the bullet was still lodged in his face. 

"My brother is a poor guy. He did nothing but the officer shot him," he added.

In a phone-in to al-Araby TV on Tuesday evening, Abdel Razek added that the officer stopped his brother and asked for his licenses. When he tried to escape, the officer shot him.

"My brother's doctor said he cannot undergo surgery to remove the bullet because he might die if the bullet is moved," Abdel Razek said.

Abdel Razek denied that his brother assaulted the officer or dragged him onto the ground, saying his brother was in the tuk tuk throughout the whole incident. He stressed that the circulated video for the incident proves his claim.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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