Police foil attempt to steal goddess Isis statue in Nubia Museum

Police and employees of the Nubia Museum in Aswan on Sunday foiled an attempt to steal a statue depicting goddess Isis breastfeeding her son Horus.

A statement from the Antiquities Ministry indicated that the attempt occurred some time between 1:00pm and 4:00pm, when the museum was closed for lunch.

Director General of Nubia Antiquities Mahrous Saeed said that the museum’s CCTV cameras detected three people roaming around the museum’s halls during that time and showed them trying to steal a statue.

The incident was swiftly reported to the Tourism and Antiquities Police, and one suspect was arrested. The other two are still at large, and investigations are ongoing.

Saeed pointed out that two of the suspects were employees in the museum’s administration department; the third is still unidentified.

The Nubia Museum in Aswan was opened in November 1997. It houses discoveries made during excavations carried out in Nubia, as well as more than 3,000 objects presenting the history of Nubia and its culture from prehistory to the present day.

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