Police book-fair pavilion draws few visitors

The Interior Ministry’s pavilion at the Cairo International Book Fair currently underway at the Nasr City fairgrounds has drawn few visitors in the five days since the fair began.

The booth is lavishly decorated, featuring an impressive mural of President Hosni Mubarak and a large golden eagle–the ministry’s logo–above the entrance.

The pavilion proudly displays a host of books–both old and new–on a wide range of subjects, including the history of Egypt’s penal system and human rights issues, along with copies of the ministry’s official magazine. The publications are only available for browsing, however, and not for purchase.

Mohamed el-Sayed, the ministry official mandated with overseeing the pavilion, passes his time talking on his mobile phone.

"I don’t understand why no one is interested in our booth," he said. "Maybe it’s because the material on display here isn’t for sale."

The Cairo International Book Fair, considered one of the most important cultural events in the Arab world, is scheduled to run until 10 February.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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