Police arrest gang members who stole LE1.5 million from bank clients

Security forces have arrested the members of three gangs who confessed to robbing their victims as they exited banks.

Gang members are believed to have stolen a total of nearly LE1.5 million from their victims, who they would follow out of banks before mugging them.

Cairo’s Security Directorate had received numerous complaints from individuals who had been robbed following their departure from banks.

The first gang included two brothers and their friend, who confessed to having committed nine robberies, including the theft of some LE60,000 from a businessman in Cairo's Muqattam district.

The second gang consisted of two men, both of whom also confessed to having committed nine robberies. Nearly LE8000 in cash and LE15,000 in gold were found in the possession of one of the two men.

The third gang consisted of four men who confessed to committing ten robberies.

The members of all three gangs were sent to the Prosecutors Office for further questioning.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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