PM ends standoff between lawyers and judges

The crisis between lawyers and judges, which caused courts to shut down recently, ended during a meeting of Prime Minister Essam Sharaf with representatives of both sides on Tuesday.

The representatives reiterated the need to work together in order to achieve objectives of the revolution.

“Both sided denounced the way in which some of them expressed their views,” said cabinet spokesman Mohamed Hegazy.

The meeting called on security services to secure courts against excesses by plantiffs, and agreed to form a fact-finding committee to investigate those suspected of impeding justice.

“Justice is of utmost national importance,” said Sharaf in a press conference after the meeting. ”We have successfully put an end to this crisis.”

For his part, Essam al-Ghiryani, head of the Supreme Judicial Council, said the disagreement between lawyers and judges was over a draft law that was never presented to the cabinet for approval.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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