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PM assures power outage issues across Egypt to end this week: Journalist

Prime Minister Mostafa Madbouly has assured the wave of power outages plaguing Egypt the past few days will be resolved by Sunday or Monday at the latest, said journalist and TV presenter Mostafa Bakri during the “Haqaeq w Asrar” (Facts and Secrets) program.

“If we have more gas, more electricity will be produced. The problem now lies in gas. We get 60 percent of gas production in power stations, and we export part in order to save hard currency. Therefore, with the increase in electricity consumption, we need more gas,” Bakri added.

The current crisis is urgent because of the need for more gas and due to the increase in electricity loads from heat waves, he added.

Bakri called on the government to expedite a solution.

The priority now is to stop the power outages, he said, adding that this matter is wholly the government’s responsibility.

“We need to provide quantities of gas very quickly, because the truth is that people are complaining and screaming with all their might, and this is an important issue in people’s lives,” he concluded.

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