Plan to transfer tombs and establish cemetery for prominent Egyptian figures currently being studied

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi on Monday instructed the formation of a committee to assess the transfer of tombs in the area of Sayyida Nafisa and Imam al-Shafi’i, as well as the establishment of the “Cemetery of the Immortals” to honor the remains of great Egyptians.

According to the official spokesperson for the Presidency Ahmed Fahmy, Sisi’s directives were as follows:

  • Forming a committee headed by the Prime Minister, and comprising all concerned authorities, specialized archaeologists and engineering consulting offices, to assess the transfer of tombs in the area of Sayyida Nafisa and Imam al-Shafi’i.
  • The committee will study the available alternatives and come up with an integrated vision and recommendations that will be announced to the public before July 1.
  • A cemetery dubbed the “Cemetery of the Immortals” will be established in a suitable location, to be a edifice that includes the remains of great Egyptians who made outstanding contributions.
  • The cemetery includes a museum for deceased artistic and archaeological figures. The museum will include the biographies for notable Egyptians and their holdings.
  • This edifice will be a renewed witness to Egypt’s appreciation and honor for its great heritage.

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