Photos: Streets of Alexandria void of people on Easter holiday

The streets of Alexandria on Monday’s Easter holiday were void of people, due to government efforts to combat the spread of coronavirus.

Mohamed al-Sherif, Governor of Alexandria, made an inspection tour today, Monday along the city’s corniche from the Montaza neighborhood to the Bahry area, to ensure full commitment to all precautions instituted by the Egyptian government to prevent gatherings and to limit the presence of people along the waterfront.

During his tour, al-Sharif confirmed that the province, with all its executive apparatuses, raised the maximum level of readiness, closing all roads leading to the corniche throughout the governorate starting at eight pm on Sunday evening.

Alexandria also completely closed 61 beaches and 43 villages, as well as both public parks and swimming pools in resorts.

Security forces were deployed along the corniche to prevent gatherings.


Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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