Photos: Royal Chariots Museum commemorates death of King Fuad I

The Archives and Marketing Departments of the Royal Chariots Museum are organizing starting Sunday a temporary week-long historical exhibition in order to commemorate the 87th anniversary of the death of King Fuad I, which falls on April 28.

The exhibition is scheduled to continue from April 30 to May 6.

The Director General of the Museum Amin al-Kahki explained that the exhibition,“The Holder of the Two Titles, Fuad I”, features several important archival documents related to the funeral of King Fuad I and the “escolite” cart that transported his body.

In addition to a page from Issue No. 1664 of al-Jihad newspaper, which includes the coverage of the news of the death and funeral of King Fuad I titled “Other memorial photos of the king whom Egypt is paying farewell today,” which was published on April 30, 1936.

The exhibition also includes two documents pertaining to the “escolite” carriage, one of which includes the carriage’s specifications, repair and renewal, which included its number and the financial amount for its repair.

The other document is a letter regarding the value of repairing and renewing the carriage, dated February 16, 1948.

In addition to displaying a collection of photographs of King Fuad I at different stages of his life, some snapshots from his life, and a documentary film with excerpts from his life.


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