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Photos: Metal objects extracted from stomach of patient in Monufiya

The Medical team at Monufiya University Hospitals succeeded in saving the life of a special-needs patient who swallowed metal objects such as small spoons after being left unattended by his family.

The President of the University, Ahmed al-Qasid, explained that the Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Unit in the Department of Internal Medicine received a 45-year-old patient suffering from continuous vomiting and severe pain in the upper abdomen, who was not responding to treatment.

Immediately, an endoscope was performed on the patient’s stomach, which showed a high volume of metal objects in the stomach, including tea spoons, a chain, nails, razor, and two car spark plugs.

A university statement on Saturday said that these objects caused chronic inflammation in the stomach wall and severe pain.

Qasid confirmed that the patient was transferred to the surgery department for an urgent operation.

He continued that the surgical team was able, after an operation that took two hours, to save the patient’s life, adding that the patient is in good condition and undergoing medical treatment in the department.

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