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Photos: Huge trove of mummies discovered in Saqqara

Minister of Tourism and Antiquities Ahmed Issa inspected various new archaeological finds by the Egyptian archaeological mission operating in Saqqara, which included the discovery of a burial well filled with mummies.

Issa eagerly descended into the newly discovered well to inspect the finds, which included colorful wooden coffins, a large number of mummies, and statues.

The mission, affiliated with the Supreme Council of Antiquities, began working at the Saqqara region in 2018.

During inspections, Issa was brief on a detailed explanation about the results of the mission’s work since 2018 from the head of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mustafa Waziri.

The findings by the mission at this site preludes the unveiling of a major archaeological discovery that will be announced after the mission completes all its work for this season.

Issa also met with mission’s work team of archaeologists and restorers and talk to them about the role of the Supreme Council of Antiquities as a scientific institution that restores and preserves antiquities for future generations.

And Issa listened to feedback from archaeologists and restorers to develop the archaeological field, and thanked them for their great effort, which was evident over the years.

The Egyptian archaeological mission in Saqqara over the past few years has announced several major discoveries, including the discovery of hundreds of colorful human coffins containing the well-preserved mummies of senior statesmen and priests from the Twenty-sixth Dynasty of Egypt, a finding Archaeology Magazine selected as one of the ten most important archaeological discoveries of 2020.

Other discoveries included papyrus, the largest cache of bronze statues, cosmetics, and a large number of animal mummies, including cats, lion cubs, and ferrets.

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