Photos: First full residential city discovered in eastern Luxor

The Egyptian archaeological mission, headed by Secretary General of the Supreme Council of Antiquities, Mostafa Waziri discovered a complete residential city from the Roman era, during archaeological excavations in the Beit Yasi Andraos area, adjacent to Luxor Temple on the eastern bank of the city.

Waziri stressed the importance of this discovery: as it revealed the most important and oldest residential city on the eastern mainland in Luxor Governorate.

It is an extension of the ancient city of Thebes.

The workshops for the manufacture and smelting of metals contained a number of pots, water bottles, flasks, pottery slides, grinding tools, and Roman coins of copper and bronze.

Waziri expressed happiness with the results of the many excavations this season.

It has been a very promising season, adding that the mission will complete the excavation work at the site, which may lead to the discovery of more secrets of this city.

Inside the two discovered towers of pigeons, many pottery vessels that were used as nests for pigeons starting the Roman era, were found, Fathy Yassin, Director General of Antiquities of Upper Egypt, said.

The mission started excavation work this season in the Beit Yasi Andraos area in September 2022.

During its previous excavation seasons it discovered a number of amphoras and saddles from the Byzantine era, a collection of Roman bronze coins, part of a wall from the Roman era, an old warehouse, and a number of other archaeological icons dating back to different historical eras.

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