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Photos: Egypt receives first train to operate on high-speed electric rail network

Egypt has received its first train of its kind to operate on the high-speed electricity network’s first line, stretching 675 kilometers from Ain Sokhna to Matrouh.

The three lines of the 2,000 km long electric train network are implemented, including 60 stations, two command and control centers, six maintenance points, 41 express trains, 94 regional trains, and 40 freight tractors, the Youm7 website reported on Thursday.

High-speed train in Egypt 2

The General Supervisor of the Express Electric Train Network Project Ahmed Farouk confirmed that the speed of the express train is 250 km/hour, the operational speed is 230 km/hour, and the average distance between stations is 50 km.

He added that it boasts a capacity of one million to 2.5 million passengers per day.

High-speed train in Egypt 3

The speed of the regional train is 200 km/h, the operational speed is 160 km/h, and the average distance between the stations is 25 km, with a capacity of 1.5 million to 2.5 million passengers per day.

The speed of the cargo tractor meanwhile 120 km/h, and the network’s freight transport capacity, upon completion, will reach 10 million tons annually, having been managed by German Railways for 15 years.

High-speed train in Egypt 5

The director of the high-speed train project added that the high-speed train, which has a speed of 250 km, is scheduled to arrive during August 2024.

The trial operation of the train without passengers is scheduled to take place at the end of 2024 and to operate with passengers during the year 2025.
High-speed train in Egypt 6

He pointed out that a contract has been made with German Railways to operate the train for a renewable period of 15 years, stressing that the train shortens the time taken by railway trains by approximately half, arriving from Cairo to Aswan in 4.30 hours and from Cairo to Matrouh in approximately 3 hours.

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