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Photos: Egypt converts King Fouad train station into post office

Following development work, the ministers of transport and communications and the Governor of Kafr al-Sheikh have converted and reopened the historic King Fouad Train Station into a fully functional post office.

The office provides integrated governmental, postal, digital and financial services.

It comes to implement a cooperation protocol previously signed between the two ministries to use 13 sites within the properties of the Egyptian National Railway Authority for the purpose of providing postal services there.

These include 11 sites in train stations at Giza, Banha, Damanhour, Sidi Bishr, al-Hamoul, Suez, Assiut, Bali Suef, Sohag, Luxor, Edfu.

In addition to the King Fouad train station in Mansheyet Fouad, Kafr al-Sheikh, the protocol provided for the right to use the main postal traffic building at Ramses.

Transport Minister Kamel al-Wazir, said that the development and restoration of the King Fouad Station comes under his ministry’s plan to develop railway stations across Egypt, especially those that fall under the Decent Life Initiative.

It also seeks to develop all historical and archaeological stations, he added, and referred to development done on the historical station in al-Montazah in parallel with the maintenance and restoration of the King Farouk Train.

Wazir announced that a plan has also been drawn up to establish commercial stores, administrative buildings, clinics, and pharmacies on the lands adjacent to the station, in the same architectural style, to serve the people of Kafr el-Sheikh.

Minister of Communications, Amr Talaat, confirmed that the opening of the King Fouad Station Post Office comes from the state’s desire to build a modern Egyptian society based on an authentic past.

The National Post Authority is full of many buildings that carry historical and cultural value across the country.

Talaat noted that a plan has been drawn up to renovate these buildings while preserving their architectural style, providing them with the latest technological systems offering a variety of services to citizens.

In 1934, King Fouad ordered the establishment of a station for the royal train a few meters from his palace in the city of Kafr al-Sheikh. This station witnessed the reception of the king on all his visits to the directorate. It is located a few meters from the governorate general office and the Kafr al-Sheikh Security Directorate, and the train passes next to the station.

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