In Photos: colossus of Ramses II placed at Grand Egyptian Musesum entrance

The ancient colossus of famed pharaoh Ramses II was placed on Thursday morning at the entrance of the Grand Egyptian Museum, which is under construction and located near the pyramids of Giza.

The colossus of Ramses II was transferred from the Giza square of Remyaah to the entrance of the Grand Egyptian Museum in the presence of high-ranking officials including Antiquities Minister Khaled al-Anani.

On the cost of transferring the Ramses II colossus to its new location, the minister said in media statements reported by Egyptian state-run TV that the transportation of the statue of Ramses II reached LE 13.6 million.

The Ramses II colossus weighs over 80 tons and is some 12 meters (13 yards) high. It dates back some 3,300 years and will be on display at the entrance of the Grand Egyptian Museum, which will house some of Egypt’s most unique and precious ancient artefacts, including some belonging to famed boy King Tutankhamun.

Another 87 artifacts will be placed at the museum’s entrance, al-Anani said. The first phase of the museum will be inaugurated later this year.

Ramses II ruled Egypt for 67 years.

His colossus was moved in 2006 from Ramses Square in Cairo to Remyaah Square.

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