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Photopia’s “Fifty Years of Cinematic Portrait” gets an extension for movie lovers

Photopia’s founder and managing director, Marwa Abou Leila, announces an extension for the “Fifty Years of Cinematic Portrait” exhibition till April 6 due to high turnout.

Photopia honors five decades of prominent photographer Mohamed Bakr’s body of work, as part of the “Fifty Years of Cinematic Portraits” exhibition.

These portraits were chosen from over 2000 artistic works Bakr has photographed since 1956.

The magic of cinema is undeniable, and the photographs captured here offer a timeless window into the past, gaining a deeper meaning with each passing year.

“Due to high attendance, especially young people, we decided to extend the duration of the exhibition after the meeting of photographer Bakr and photography lovers. At Photopia, we are proud to host and organize part of the cinematic archive of the esteemed photographer Mohamed Bakr, who documented over 2000 cinematic films,” Abou Leila said.
“It was crucial to celebrate a significant part of his work, through which he highlighted the backstage scenes of well-known films, as well as his unique career in cinematography. It is also beneficial for Photopia to highlight the archives of the most prominent photographers in Egypt throughout history in diversified fields,” she explained.

With over six decades of experience, Bakr is considered a master of his craft, a true legend among cinematographers. He has highlighted prominent cinematic scenes through his camera, and his body of work exceeds a thousand cinematic films.

He has gathered an extensive collection of Egyptian film photographs, encompassing iconic scenes from the black and white era to modern times.

Bakr’s social circle spanned far and wide, encompassing renowned figures in the arts, politics, culture, sports, and science.

His best-known works include Naguib Mahfouz’s trilogy; “Palace Walk”, “Palace of Desire”, and “Sugar Street”, by Hassan El-Emam.

Among his works are “The Bullet Is Still in My Pocket”, “The Mummy”, “Maabodat al-Gamahir”, “the Water-Carrier Is Dead”, “Al Fetewa”, “The Nightingale’s Prayer”, “Abnaa al-Samt” and many more.

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