Passengers on Greek train that crashed on Tuesday night describe “nightmarish seconds”

Cnn staff

Passengers on the Greek train that crashed into a freight train in northern Greece on Tuesday night have described “nightmarish seconds” as the carriage overturned.

“We heard a big bang, (it was) 10 nightmarish seconds, we were turning over in the wagon until we fell on our sides, and until the commotion stopped, then there was panic, cables (everywhere) fire, the fire was immediate, as we were turning over we were being burned, fire was right and left,” Stergios Minenis, 28, told Reuters news agency.

“There was panic, for 10, 15 seconds it was chaos, tumbling over, fires, cables hanging, broken windows, people screaming, people trapped, it was two metres high from where we jumped to leave and beneath there were broken iron debris, but what could we do?”

Another passenger, pointing at Minenis, said: “We came down, a fire had erupted next to us, this man here he saw a hole, so we managed to get out from where we were.”


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