Passengers crushed under wheels of overcrowded train

Two passengers were killed and one man’s legs severed from his body under the wheels of train 757, travelling from Cairo to Zagazig, as passengers scrambled for the door at Werash Abu Ghattas. Brigadier General Ayman Hassan, governor of Sharabeya Police Department, was notified by the Rescue Operations Room that residents of the Werash Abu Ghattas region had reported three passengers falling from the train. Lieutenant Colonel Ehab Said, head of prosecution, visited the site of the accident where Sayed Qandil, 46, security guard, and el-Sayyed Eissa, 39, employee at the National Library, were confirmed dead. Mohamed Ramadan, 35, was reported injured. 

Prosecution members and first attorney Amr Qandil arrived at the crash site to discover that one victim’s body had been split into two, and the other victim’s skull had been crushed and his body torn into pieces under the wheels of the train. The third victim, who is currently in a critical condition at el-Demerdash Hospital, lost both of his legs. The corpses of the two dead men have been transferred to the Zeinhom Morgue.

The train had been scheduled to leave Cairo on Sunday at 3:45 PM, but was running an hour late which led to overcrowding, according to some eye witnesses. 

The train conductor, who was questioned by Samer ZulFaqqar, head of Shubra prosecution, said that he was responsible for the train until it pulled out of the station.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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