Parl’t speaker thanks Sisi for launching National Human Rights Strategy

House of Representatives Speaker Hanafy al-Gebaly Sunday thanked President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi for his keenness on launching the National Human Rights Strategy in the year 2021, noting that his directives were the main driving force behind the swift issuance of the rights of the elderly draft law.

Gebaly was addressing a plenary session of the Parliament to debate a bill submitted by the government to issue the “rights of the elderly” law as well as two draft laws proposed by several lawmakers on the same issue.

He added that president Sisi has directed the government to earmark LE100 million from the “Long Live Egypt Fund” to support the “Fund for the Elderly”, which is set to be established once Parliament approves the Elders’ Rights Law.

He further hailed efforts of the Senate in discussing the proposed draft law on rights of the elderly alongside handling all inadequacy of the provisions of its first version.

The National Human Rights strategy is based on a vision aiming at advancing all human rights in Egypt through enhancing respect for and protection of all civil, political, economic, social and cultural rights, stipulated for in the Constitution, national laws and international and regional instruments ratified by Egypt.

The ultimate goal is to enhance equality and equal opportunities without any discrimination. The strategy is a national ambitious roadmap on human rights and a significant tool for self-development in this field. (MENA)

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