Parliamentary elections were manipulated, says HEC head

Head of the High Elections Commission (HEC), Sayyed abdel Aziz Omar, said on Wednesday in an interview with al-Arabiya satellite TV Egyptian parliamentary elections last month witnessed ballot violations.

“Ballots were taken out of the boxes, while others were placed in," Aziz Omar alleged. "The ballot boxes themselves could have been burnt. Methods of manipulation are different.”

Public committees heads charged with supervising the ballot counting process, Aziz Omar added as evidence of fraud, were asked to exclude boxes believed to have been tampered with. Around 2000 boxes were consequently excluded.

“It [judicial supervision] has its own precautions," Aziz Omar said. "It damages the judges’ prestige. He may get assaulted while supervising the process.”

Omar went on to note that the HEC intends to outline a proposal on how to implement decisions issued by the commission in upcoming elections.

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