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Parliament committee to discuss information request on job inheritance

The People’s Assembly speaker on Tuesday assigned a parliamentary committee to discuss an information request on statements the head of the Cultural Palaces Authority made on appointing employees’ children over outside candidates for positions in the authority.

The Culture, Tourism and Mass Information Committee will discuss the request submitted by MP Yasser al-Qady to the culture minister on the statements of Saad Abdel Rahman, head of the authority.

Abdel Rahman said a large number of authority employees’ children had applied for vacancies at the authority and that if two candidates for a position have equal qualifications, but one is an employee’s son or daughter and the other is not, the first should be selected.

Qady considered this to be establishing a principle of inheriting the position, which he said was rejected by the 25 January revolution. It violates the constitutional declaration, which assures that citizens are equal.

“It’s more dangerous than inheritance of posts, because in that case the father doesn’t leave his post for his child, but both work at the same place without leaving a place for another citizen,” he said.

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