Over 50% of tickets for Omar Khairat’s Sound and Light Concert sold out

Over half the tickets for world-famous Cairo musician Omar Khairat’s upcoming June 3 concert at the Sound and Light Theater at the Giza Pyramids area have sold out, showcasing the wild demand the critically acclaimed composer still attracts.

Khairat is set to perform up to 20 pieces of music – some of the best work from his long-storied career – including “Executing the Dead”, “Arfa”, “Fiha Haga Helwa”, “Dameer Abla Hekmat”, “Al-Liqaa Al-Thani/the Second Meeting”, “Ghawayesh”, “100 Years of Cinema” and “Al-Khawaga Abdel Kader.

Concert organizer Mahmoud Hussein called the event “a unique artistic experience”, one sure to delight audiences with a taste for elite, orchestrated music.

“They definitely won’t forget this evening whatsoever. Additionally, it will be the last concert at the Sound and Light Theater at the Pyramids before it is shuts down for renovations,” he said.

Khairat is no stranger to performing at the Sound and Light Theater, having held his first concert there in 2017.

Around 3,200 seats are planned for the concert, which is slated to be a truly landmark musical event.


A fantastic life and career

The veteran composer is the founder and conductor of the Omar Khairat Band.

In 1959, Khairat joined the Cairo Conservatoire, which is regarded as the premier music conservatory in Egypt.He studied piano and musical theory with Italian Maestro Vincenzo Carro.

After graduating, he continued his studies at the Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance in England.

Khairat was born in Cairo and raised in a family of musicians. His uncle, Abou-Bakr Khairat, is a great Egyptian composer of classical music. Abou-Bakr Khairat was the founder of the Conservatoire Institute. Additionally, his grandfather Mahmoud Khairat was a musician, poet, and painter

His compositions have been featured in various, well-known movies and TV shows.

Khairat’s official Facebook page recently announced that he won the most influential music figure award for 2022 from Daily News Egypt.


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