Ouda: Sugar stocks enough for 139 more days

Minister of Supply and Internal Trade, Bassem Ouda, has reviewed a report on Egypt's food stocks, following an upbeat assessment in Wednesday's Cabinet meeting.

During the meeting, Ouda clarified that the current supply of wheat (both locally produced and imported) had reached 3.915 million tonnes, which would last until 16 November, he said.

Sugar stocks had meanwhile hit 560,000 tonnes, enough for 139 days' supply.

On Wednesday, the Cabinet approved new investment projects along a 20-kilometre section of the Cairo-Alexandria desert road. Profits made from selling lands would be fed back into the state budget, witnesses added.

Cabinet also approved a presidential decision to considering fresh development projects along the al-Qanater-al-Khatatba road, deemed to be in the public interest.

The approval follows up on a Transportation Ministry initiative to reduce accidents on Egypt's highways and expanding roads to reduce congestion and improve the flow of traffic.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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