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Oriental folklore dance troupe could perform anti-IS piece

If its director has his way, a new London-based international dance troupe, specializing in Egyptian and Middle Eastern folklore, could be showcasing a performance criticizing the Islamic State.
The Company of Dreams performs a dance wearing all black, holding knives.
“I am thinking of a dance about the evil that IS is doing in Iraq and Syria. The dancers would be wearing black, but I am still hesitant because this could get us into trouble,” says British director and choreographer Charlotte Desorgher.
The Company of Dreams troupe performs a sword dance.
Her dance troupe, known as the Company of Dreams, is comprised of more than 20 dancers from different parts of the world and aims to preserve and document Egyptian folklore by presenting stories of local heritage in their dances, according to Desorgher. In other performances, the company blends Western styles, such as jazz, ballet and acrobatics, with Middle Eastern traditional dances.
The Company of Dreams troupe performs with scarves, simulating water waves.
Desorgher pointed out that the group began two years ago and was met with fervent applause from audiences towards their interpretation of Egyptian heritage and Middle Eastern music, causing them to seriously consider expanding their activity and possibly travel throughout the Middle East to offer their performances in Iraq, Egypt, Jordan and other countries in the region.
British dance director Charlotte Desorgher
“I have loved ballet since I was a child,” says Desorgher. “I went to Egypt a lot. There, I came to like the belly dancing of Samia Gamal, Taheyya Kariokka and Naima Akef. Then I thought of combining ballet and belly dancing. I chose stories from the Egyptian folklore and tunes of Om Kalthoum and other music to dance to. Examples are the saga of Abu Zayd al-Hilali, the story of Aladdin and the Magic Lamp and other tales of folklore. The British audience was impressed by this art when we performed it in England.”
The Company of Dreams troupe performs a fire dance.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm, photos courtesy of Company of Dreams 

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