Oramed Pharmaceuticals and Premas Biotech announce development of oral COVID-19 vaccine

Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc has joined forces with Biotechnology company Premas Biotech to develop an oral vaccine for COVID-19, according to a Friday press release from Business Wire.

This new vaccine has been found via animal testing to be both safe and effective after one dosage, promoting widespread systematic immunity to the coronavirus. It encourages the creation of large amounts of antibodies, and can be safely tolerated even at up to high doses.

According to the Co-Founder and Director of Premas Biotech Prabuddha Kundu, this oral vaccine brings together Oramed’s oral protein delivery platform “POD” and Premas’s “D-Crypt” platform. He says that Oramed’s experience in several oral trials has given them an advantage in efforts to discover an oral vaccine.

Kundu hopes that the vaccine will be available to “anyone, anywhere”.

Oramed CEO Nadav Kidron meanwhile expressed hope that this oral vaccine could help in ending the global pandemic.

Kidron believes that an oral vaccine has the potential to bypass current obstacles for fast and wide vaccine distribution, especially in the event that the coronavirus stays to equivalent to the seasonal flu

Premas Biotech works alongside multiple bio-pharmaceutical companies from around the world to study the creation of treatments against infectious diseases, cancer and more. Oravas was established earlier this year by Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc, and utilizes technologies from Premas Biotech in its oral vaccine research.

View the original press release here.

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