Opposition stages protests in Matareya over power cuts, bread prices

Members of various Egyptian opposition parties and political movements staged protest marches on Wednesday in Cairo's Matareya district to register their frustration over soaring bread prices, repeated power cuts and frequent shortages of drinking water.

Protesters held banners aloft, reading: "We had to sell our furniture to buy sugar."

“We chose Matareya because it's one of the poorest areas of Cairo,” said Kefaya movement representative Abdel Rahman Auf, saying he hoped to participate in the organization of marches in other areas as well.

Protesters warned they would bring lawsuits against Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif and Energy Minister Hassan Younis, holding the two officials responsible for both price hikes on bread and the country's recent spate of power cuts.

“Nazif’s cabinet ought to resign over this,” said movement member Karima al-Hifnawi.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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