Opposition divided over Muslim Brotherhood invitation

Opposition parties had mixed reactions to an invitation from Mohamed Badei, the Muslim Brotherhood’s Supreme Guide, who called yesterday for an urgent conference to be held today discussing Egypt’s political situation and joint coordination among Egypt’s opposition.

While the call was dismissed by the Tagammu Party, other parties such as the Wafd Party and the Constitutional Party announced they had no information about the invitation. The Nasserist Party remained indecisive, while the Democratic Front was the only one to accept the invitation.

“No one, including the Supreme Guide, can invite the Tagammu Party to attend a meeting discussing the country’s status through a phone call,” said Refaat el-Saeed, the head of Tagammu. “That’s why the party’s leadership rejected the request. The only party figure to attend will be Anis el-Bayya, my deputy, who will act as a coordinator for the Popular Committee in Support for the Palestinian People, and will not talk politics or express Tagammu’s position on the issues subject to discussion.”

El-Saeed said Badei had to make his request in a more decent manner by asking to meet party officials.

Sameh Ashour, vice president of the Nasserist Party, said the invitation had been received and participation would be discussed with party members. He noted that the party would not necessarily agree on coordination with the Brotherhood.

On the other hand, Bahaa Eddin Abu Shaqqa, political advisor for the Wafd Party, said his party had no information about Badei’s invitation. He said that even if the party had received the invitation, its members wouldn’t be able to attend the conference since the decision cannot be reached in just one day.

Mamdouh Qenawi, head of the Constitutional Party, said that although they hadn’t received an invitation from the Brotherhood they would be willing to attend.

Osama el-Ghazaly Harb, chairman of the Democratic Front Party, said his party will attend the meeting, at which he plans to emphasize the common points that link the Brotherhood with other opposition powers.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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