Opposition chiefs declare presidential ambitions

Ghad Party founder Ayman Nour and Karama Party chief Hamdin Sabbahy both announced plans to run in next year’s presidential elections, with each expressing doubts that the other would be able to surmount existing constitutional obstacles.

Nour, for his part, was quick to point out that Sabbahy’s party had yet to be formally licensed.

"Even if the Karama Party was officially licensed right now, [Sabbahy] would still have to be active for five years before being allowed to run, according to Article 76 of the Egyptian Constitution," he said. "Maybe he can run in the 2015 elections."

"I can’t contest next year’s elections through the party, since it is still unlicensed," Sabbahy conceded. "But I would run if articles 76, 77 and 88 of the constitution were amended to allow independent candidacies."

"The call for change cannot come from a single man," Sabbahy added. "And I’m a lot closer to the country’s farmers and socialists."

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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