Opinion poll: 71% of Egyptians do not sympathize with pro-Morsy protesters

An opinion poll conducted by the Egyptian Center for Public Opinion Research “Baseera” on the extent to which Egyptians sympathise with protests staged in support of ousted President Mohamed Morsy showed that 71 percent do not sympathise with the protesters, while 20 percent sympathise with them.

9 percent said they did not have a specific position with regards to the protests.

The head of the center, Maged Othman, said that the opinions of 2,214 citizens aged 18 and above were collected by telephone. The opinions of Egyptians from around Egypt were solicited on Saturday, 20 July and Sunday, 21 July.

21 percent of residents of rural areas sympathised with the protesters while 67 percent did not.

In urban areas, 17 percent sympathised with the protesters while 77 percent did not.

Residents of Upper Egypt accounted for the largest percentage of sympathisers with 27 percent of residents sympathising with them compared to 15 percent in Lower Egypt and 16 percent in urban governorates.

Men showed less sympathy for the protests, with 78 percent not sympathising with the protesters compared to 65 percent of women. A larger percentage of women failed to state a position on the protests, with 15 percent giving a neutral opinion compared to 3 percent of males having a similar position.

Sympathy for protests seemed inversely proportional to age, as 24 percent of the youth aged 18 to 29 sympathised with the protests compared to 14 percent for those aged 50 or above.

Sympathy increased among people with a higher educational level. 18 percent of those with below intermediate education degrees sympathised with the protesters while 26 percent of those with a university degree or higher sympathised with them. 14 percent of those with below intermediate education stayed neutral compared to three percent of those who possess a university degree or higher.

Edited translation from MENA

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