Operation Eagle to resume in Sinai after negotiations with jihadis fail

Army and police forces involved in Operation Eagle in Sinai are now on maximum alert after negotiations between a delegation sent there by President Mohamed Morsy and leaders of jihadi groups fell through, said a military source on Monday.

The source, a field commander involved in the operation, said security forces intend to resume their strikes against militant elements in Sinai suspected of being involved in August’s attacks on checkpoints along the Arish-Rafah Road and police stations throughout the area.

Investigations into the Rafah attack that left 16 Egyptian border guards dead last month has turned up viable leads as to the perpetrators, the source claimed, adding that the final results of that investigation were to be announced on 6 October.

The North Sinai Security Directorate on Monday released seven suspects who were arrested for violent acts, but kept five others in custody.

Also on Monday, Bedouins from central Sinai blocked the international route adjacent to the border with Israel, demanding that officials provide water, electricity and mobile phone networks for the area.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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