One pedestrian, 3 policemen injured in random shooting

A mentally ill person injured three policemen and a pedestrian during Thursday’s early hours in the Ahmed Helmi area behind Ramses Station after the defendant seized a police pistol and randomly fired in the street.

Cairo Security Directorate received notification of the incident. The report claimed that policemen from Dawahi Police Station arrested the killer after firing at him until he fell to the ground.

Social media users published a video clip showing an unidentified person firing at pedestrians in the Ahmed Helmi area.

Fifty-year-old eyewitness Khairy, who was sitting in front of the police station at the time of the event, explained that around 3:30 AM he saw a young man standing behind the policemen stationed in front of the police station. The man seized a pistol from one of policemen and began firing at them.

Khairy added that the young man also fired at pedestrians and injured one of them in addition to the three policemen.

A kiosk owner named Abdallah said, “As the shots rang, we could not approach the defendant because we were afraid of getting shot amid his hysterical shooting.”

He added, “The defendant and the policemen in the police station exchanged fire for 20 minutes, leading the defendant to fall down. Individuals assembled around the defendant and seized the pistol.”

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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