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One of 6 missing sun temples unearthed in Egypt

Archaeologists in Egypt have found one of six missing temples of the sun while excavating under the remains of the Temple of the Sun in Abu Ghorab, north of Abu Sir in Giza, according to the Daily Mail.

The discovery is the most important archaeological discovery in half a century, the third rare ancient temple ever to be found, and the first to be discovered in fifty years, the Daily Mail added.

These temples were built for the pharaohs while they were still alive giving the rulers of the time the status of deity; unlike the pyramids which ensured that they were deities in the afterlife as well.

According to archaeologists, only six sun temples were built, and thus far only two have been found.

Archaeologists who are currently digging under the remains of one of the well-known sun temples in Abu Ghorab, north of Abu Sir, found evidence of a third temple while digging. When they proceeded to remove the wreckage, the base two feet long in the shape of a column of white limestone, was unearthed.

This was followed by the discovery of a group of beer vessels filled with mud, which researchers say were used during rituals in the sacred temple.

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